Do you have a previous broken lease?

We can work with broken leases! More Apartments that accept broken leases work with Apartments HERE than any other Apartment Locator service in Austin & Round Rock Texas. In Austin apartments broken lease is no joke.

If you owe a previous property money for any reason call us and save time and money. Stop wasting application fee money, we know who will approve you. We are a Local Austin Apartment Locator company that has forged friendships with many apartment communities across the Austin Area. We will give you options that no other apartment locator can offer!

Austin Apartments Broken Lease

Many people hear the term broken lease and they think it means you left the lease early, that is not necessarily correct. Sometimes people may stay until the end of their lease contract but they didn’t give notice that they would be moving. Since the Lease contract states that you MUST GIVE NOTICE of your intentions to move, you have a broken lease and will be charged either 30 or 60 days rent, depending on how much advanced notice is required. The amount charged may increase dramatically depending on additional fees accessed. It is not uncommon for the amount due to double in a few short years.

Another way to earn a broken lease status is to leave something in the apartment after you leave, or damage the property. Since doing any of these may be in violation of your lease agreement you will have earned a broken lease.

Remove Your Broken Lease Now

Apartments Here will work with you in finding an apartment that accepts broken leases or help you get rid of your status all together. We know which apartments are more lenient for specific situations.