Is a felony or misdemeanor making it hard to rent?

We can help you rent a nice place even if there is a felony or misdemeanor on your background. Everyone makes mistakes, it seems a little unfair to punish someone for mistakes they were younger.

We work with over 900 apartments and recently a few nice apartments in the Austin area have relaxed their criteria on accepting background issues, please do not assume that we cannot help, it is worth a phone call, odds are that we can help as long as you do not have a rental issue, broken lease or eviction AND criminal history. You do need to have verifiable income of 3 times the monthly rent, but we can help 95% of people that call us.

Our Service is 100% Free

Our Apartment Locating service is 100% FREE for you, we can save you time, money and a lot of worry. The Austin rental market can be very unforgiving and now we are able to help. Even if you have tried apartment locators before and it didn’t work out, do not give up!

End Felony and Misdemeanor Problems Now

Give us a call or fill out the apartment search request & let us see what we can do for you. The apartments request that we bring you out to their property instead of just giving out their names, so please be prepared to come into our office and we sill show you ALL YOUR OPTIONS and then take you to the actual properties, we will not waste your time.
We work with very nice apartments all over Austin that is willing to give you a 2nd chance.