Apartment Crime Statistics

Let’s touch on a subject that leasing professionals try to dance around. Apartment crime and Safety. If you ask any leasing agent at any apartment about the safety of their apartment complex you will get a standard answer

“We are not allowed to make any comment but you can go to the Austin Police Dept website and look it up”
Some folks hear that response and may assume that it’s not a safe place, but that is not what it means. Unfortunately there isn’t an apartment out there that can guaranteed your safety.

Apartment crime knows no zip code, I personally live in what is considered a safe suburban area in a home, and occasionally crime still happens. There are things you can do like look up areas on crime reports, never take anyone’s word that you don’t know, and even if you do know and trust them, do your own research.

I have 4 children, there are areas I would let them live in and areas that I would not. I am from the Austin area and know it very well. I have spent 25 years walking the Austin TX streets as a United States Postal Service Mail Carrier, while even I can not guarantee safety any where, by sitting down with you and talking I think I can alleviate your fears.

Many Austin & Round Rock Apartments Locators are concerned with one thing, getting you leased somewhere.
As the Owner of this company I understand that getting you into an apartment is the only way the Apartment Locator makes money, however there should be A LOT more to it than getting someone leased. If any locator ever tells you that you will be safe in any apartment, run for the hills. There are places I feel are much safer than others, there are apartments that I would recommend to my Sons, my Mother or you.

Potential Crime Problems

Have you ever looked through one of those Apartment Finder type books or an online free database? Ever notice how all the apartments look really nice? They pay a lot of money to have professionals take the most favorable, touched up photos and present them in the best possible way. I can’t tell you how many times I receive a call from someone who rented site unseen through a website or a booklet only to find out in the first week after the move in they made a horrible mistake. In many cases it’s dude to the apartment crime.

If you want someone to be straight with you as much as the law allows, then please come in to see us. There is more to consider than just Price & Specials when searching for your New Apartment.

Know your options

We realize that some budgets don’t allow for the nicest places to live. But that doesn’t mean you want to live in a high crime area. We know the best areas for the best bang for you buck.

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