Apartment Specials

The market for Austin apartment specials is a very quick moving market, with an occupancy rate up to 97% the apartment you looked at this morning may not be available by the afternoon. The issue is supply and demand, everyone wants to live in Austin and the number of available apartments is limited.

There are many different types of Austin apartment specials; one type is called the “Look & Lease” special. With a “look & lease” special you are offered an incentive to lease, but you must apply within a specific time period, usually 24 or 48 hours. If you apply after the time period expires you will not receive the incentive, you may not want to visit a property offering a look and lease special unless you are prepared to apply. Other types of apartment specials could be free rent, reduces fee’s to apply, apartment upgrades such as covered parking or even throwing in a washer and dryer.

We get unadvertised specials everyday!

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