Renting Apartments with Bankruptcy

Bankruptcy is one of those things that stir up strong feelings, unless you have been there or had a close family member that has experienced a bankruptcy, it’s difficult to imagine the pain of not being able to pay your bills due to illness, job loss or divorce. It’s extremely difficult to lose what had been your home, perhaps the home that you had lived in for many years. Renting with bankruptcy can be difficult, but we’re here to help.

So now you need a place to live, the last thing you need is to walk into an apartment, get the tour, get excited about being able to begin rebuilding your life… to only get turned down.

We have many nice, yes, I said nice, apartments that will work with an OPEN or CLOSED Bankruptcy chapter 7 or 13. Normally it’s more difficult to work with a recent (in the past year) bankruptcy, however there are options, and you don’t have to sacrifice a nice area with good schools.

Renting with Bankruptcy

We have Apartments in Austin, Round Rock, Cedar Park area and more! There are very few apartments that will work with this, you can go it alone which will cost you a lot of application fees and endless frustration or you can call us.

You never need an appointment to talk to us, either pick up the phone or just stop by. Our service is always free for you, we are compensated by the apartments. They want us to bring you to them, they give second chances! Sometimes we all need a second chance.

End Bankruptcy Problems Now

We know that it can be a very hard and miserable process trying to rebuild your credibility when finding an apartment to live in after a bankruptcy. Let us use our experience and relationships to get you into a place today.